How to find my phone?
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Have you ever had the experience of losing your phone? It can be a scary and frustrating experience. This article will help you get your phone back!

drop it in your purse and hold on to it

If you lose your phone, one obvious solution is to put it in a safe place. This could be in:

  • Your purse or pocket, if youre carrying one.
  • The bag where you keep your laptop and chargers, if you have one of those as well.
  • Your cars glove compartment, if thats where they keep their phones when theyre driving around by themselves (and why wouldnt they?).

Of course there are other options too—your desk at work or home would make perfect sense!

put it back in your pocket

  • Put it in your pocket.
  • Put it in your purse.
  • Put it in your backpack.
  • Put it back where you found the phone, if thats possible (e.g., put the phone back on the dashboard of the car).

If none of these things work and you cant find your phone, then lets go through some more advanced troubleshooting steps:

look under the couch

In the event that you have an overstuffed couch, look under it. A lot of people lose things in between the cushions and sometimes even fall into them, due to their size and/or drunkenness.

If this doesnt work and your couch is not overstuffed, move on to:

call yourself

If youre not sure where your phone is, call yourself by dialing *67 + your number. This will block the caller ID of the incoming call so that you dont accidentally answer it. Then, if you hear your phone ringing, that means its nearby and you should be able to find it. If not, search for it in another room or even outside of the house; if theres no sign of life from your device after several minutes waiting (and listening), then take a break from hunting down phones and come back with fresh eyes later on.”

The most common places for people to misplace their handsets include:

  • Their pockets
  • In their bags
  • On top of things like tables or counters

check around your desk

  • Under the desk.
  • In drawers.
  • On top of the desk.
  • In back of the desk, if its not too deep and you can reach comfortably from your chair.

ask your friends/family if theyve seen it

Ask your friends and family if theyve seen it.

It’s easy to forget about the people in our lives who can help us find our phone. Have you asked them? If not, now is the time! Ask if they have seen your phone around the house, office or school. Or ask if they have seen it in a store nearby (maybe someone put it down while buying something else?).

If you get a response that says “no” then move on to step 3 below:

look all around the house, any room, any drawer, any shelf.

  • Look in the obvious places.
  • Look in the hard to reach places.
  • Look in the places that are dark, like under your bed or couch cushions (or if youre at work, in your bottom desk drawer).
  • Look in the places that are cold, like inside a refrigerator or freezer (if youre at work and have access to these, this is also an ideal time).
  • Look in the places that are hot—like on top of an oven or radiator (if its summertime). If all else fails and none of these locations yield any results, then try turning off all lights and looking again with only candlelight or some other form of lighting source—some might even go so far as turning off their electricity entirely for a few minutes just for good measure! But do so safely! As always: please dont burn yourself down here or anywhere else there may be flames..

set up find my iphone/android app

  • Download the Find My iPhone app from the App Store.
  • If you have a Mac, download the Find My iPhone app from the Mac App Store.
  • Install it on your phone or tablet and sign in with an Apple ID that has been used with iCloud (or make sure youre connected to Wi-Fi).

finding your lost phone can be a struggle, but with these tips you will find your phone!

The first thing you should do when you realize your phone is missing is to use the app on your phone that helps you find it. If you have an iPhone, the Find My iPhone feature can help locate it if its online and connected to Wi-Fi. The same goes for Android owners who have Googles Find My Device feature installed. Make sure to log in with your correct Apple ID or Google username and password so they know where to look.

If that doesnt work, try calling your phone (if possible). You may also want to check all places where youve had possession of the device recently; maybe it was there after all! If none of these things are helpful, then move on down this list:


I hope this article helped you find your lost phone, if not then feel free to leave a comment below and we will try our best to help you out!

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