is paying? Ad-doge revie legit or scam? - Wiki Topia is 100% TRUSTED WEBSITE!

1. is a GPT website launched on 20th-Oct-2019. has a valid SSL certificate.

Domain Age2 Years, 156 Days
Domain Created Date20th-Oct-2019
Domain Updated Date2nd-Oct-2021
Domain Expiry Date20th-Oct-2022
More details about domain can be found: Freeoseocheck

2. has a LIVE Payments proofs page: Payments proofs paid until now (25 March 2022), 38618$ and members earnings are 63498$. These details can be found LIVE on homepage.

We made a research about payments and we noticed that they published ALL THEIR PAYMENTS PROOFS.

This is the first page of Payments, as you can see the FIRST PAYMENT was made on 3 APRIL.

4/13/2020 12:44:31 PM PeruManual58.70500000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 6:34:43 AM FranceManual51.34200000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 6:34:28 AM Russian FederationManual50.74500000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 6:33:38 AM IndonesiaManual52.23750000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 6:33:22 AM PhilippinesManual58.85425000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 6:31:36 AM PakistanManual49.75000000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 6:31:08 AM SpainManual54.52600000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 2:42:24 AM IranManual49.75000000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 2:07:15 AM Russian FederationManual182.08500000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 12:39:02 AM IndiaManual49.75000000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 12:27:17 AM BelarusManual52.33700000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 12:20:59 AM PakistanManual55.91900000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 12:20:49 AM AustriaManual50.74500000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 12:04:45 AM UzbekistanManual49.94900000$CoinPayments
4/13/2020 12:04:34 AM IndonesiaManual50.04850000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 11:55:52 PM Russian FederationManual49.75000000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 11:39:46 PM UkraineManual49.75000000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 11:39:27 PM HondurasManual15.12400000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 7:08:34 AM IndiaManual50.49625000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 5:23:45 AM AlgeriaManual50.64550000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 4:23:08 AM ThailandManual50.74500000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 4:22:54 AM IndiaManual59.70000000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 2:29:05 AM IndonesiaManual49.75000000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 12:58:04 AM PakistanManual50.74500000$CoinPayments
4/12/2020 12:16:10 AM IranManual49.84950000$CoinPayments
4/11/2020 11:47:54 PM RomaniaManual50.74500000$CoinPayments
4/11/2020 2:24:58 AM VietnamManual49.93905000$CoinPayments
4/11/2020 1:07:04 AM BelgiumManual995.00000000$CoinPayments
4/11/2020 1:07:03 AM BelgiumManual99.50000000$CoinPayments
4/10/2020 11:08:21 PM GeorgiaManual71.62010000$CoinPayments
4/10/2020 11:08:03 PM UkraineManual44.77500000$CoinPayments
4/10/2020 1:59:45 PM GeorgiaManual51.49125000$CoinPayments
4/10/2020 1:59:26 PM United StatesManual930.32500000$CoinPayments
4/10/2020 1:27:01 PM HondurasManual10.34800000$CoinPayments
4/10/2020 9:33:47 AM TurkeyManual55.72000000$CoinPayments
4/10/2020 5:35:11 AM UkraineManual39.80000000$CoinPayments
4/10/2020 4:54:09 AM Russian FederationManual442.77500000$CoinPayments
4/10/2020 12:53:32 AM IranManual57.71000000$CoinPayments
4/9/2020 12:56:46 PM HondurasManual8.75600000$CoinPayments
4/9/2020 5:22:30 AM PolandManual52.87430000$CoinPayments
4/8/2020 3:06:43 PM UkraineManual39.69006000$CoinPayments
4/8/2020 1:58:22 PM HondurasManual6.16900000$CoinPayments
4/8/2020 5:30:47 AM SloveniaManual50.04850000$CoinPayments
4/7/2020 11:32:54 PM UkraineManual35.60032000$CoinPayments
4/7/2020 11:32:25 PM PeruManual8.15900000$CoinPayments
4/7/2020 7:59:37 AM HondurasManual9.95000000$CoinPayments
4/6/2020 10:01:04 PM UkraineManual36.81500000$CoinPayments
4/4/2020 2:13:48 PM PakistanManual50.83050000$CoinPayments
4/4/2020 2:17:16 AM BelgiumManual4.98000000$CoinPayments
4/3/2020 12:25:20 PM United StatesManual5.87000000$CoinPayments

There are 628 pages of payments!

On each page are 45-50 payments, so an 48 payments average per page. 628 pages x 48 payments = more than 30144 payments with 38618.27811220$.

Some payments proofs from has been published on . Also they have a FORUM with a payments proofs section. There members post their payments proofs.

3. IS NOT A PONZI SCHEME! NO INVESTMENTS PROGRAMS! is not an investment platform! is an GPT network or an Advertising&Earning Platform. You can earn Crypto (BTC,DOGE,LTC,etc) by watching ads, surf ads, claim 20 mins bonus, shortlinks, offerwalls etc. You can also earn by promoting their PTP (paid to promote) link with a 0.25$ CPM. More about earnings can be found here. You can DEPOSIT MONEY to advertise your project/page on their Website. has more advertising methods, their prices can be found here.

They don`t provide any investing programs like HYIP,Adpacks,Interest,Staking etc!

4. Reviews:

5. Valid and TRUSTED Support!

We know that is owned by Alex Yury (Netherland/Romania) and Mathew Klomp (Netherland). has the next pages:


You can request a withdraw/payout on after you reach 1$ as a normal members and 0.5$ as a upgraded member.

They have the next fees for withdraw:

      ✓ 5% fees for PerfectMoney($) , Payeer($)
      ✓ 1% fees for FaucetPay (BTC,DOGE,LTC,etc)

Manual payouts (up to 3-7 days). Frequently payments are processed in wekeend (Friday – Sunday).

There are also INSTANT Payments, but some requirements are nedeed to use it. More details about instant payments can be found here.

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5 months ago

Ad-Doge Username: zain512
Excellent and legit site to earn money. Ad-Doge is 100% legal paying website.I recommend you to is my payment proof.

5 months ago

Ad-Doge Username: Sakib512
Ad-Doge is 100% paying website.Legit site to earn money very easily.My payment proof is here.

5 months ago

Ad-Doge Username: Dulger
Ad-Doge is a platform where you can earn in many ways. I use it very fondly, I use it every day, I get a good income

Last edited 5 months ago by Dulger
5 months ago

Ad-doge username -kiko9090
Site is excellent and payments are very fast.

4 months ago

Ad-Doge user name: Rubel011
What online income site Ad-Doge is. It’s a amazing platform to earn easily. Everyone should join this platform. I really feeling good to work here and earn. I strongly recommend everybody to join this site and income.

4 months ago

Ad-doge username: alialali077
i love it. Site is excellent and payments are very fast.

4 months ago

Great site! they always pay on time. Many ways to earn free cryptos by doing easy tasks. See my proof of payment!

Withdrawals 2.JPG
4 months ago

Ad-Doge Username: beewake
Ad-doge is 100% Legit and I have been earning enough by investing my time here. Here is the proof of the payment which is increasing everyday.

Screenshot (100).png
4 months ago

Ad-Doge Username: hmend5868
This is a small step for a big goal. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Excellent website.

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