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Nobody wants to lose important data on their computer. Pictures, files, contacts and so on. That’s why we should have a backup copy of absolutely everything on the compute.

On the off chance that the ideal reinforcement existed, sure, three would be over the top excess, yet there is no ideal reinforcement. Things turn out badly with reinforcements as well. You really want to support your wagers. In any event, you ought to have two reinforcements, one neighborhood and one remote. For the vast majority, this finds some kind of harmony between security, cost, and exertion.

In the following article I will present some methods by which you can make a backup copy of your data:

  1. External hard drive

External drives connect to your computer to provide additional storage memory, usually using a USB cable. Once connected, you can extract or copy the files you want from your computer’s hard drive to the external hard drive. Once the devices have been synced, those files will be backed up in case your computer gets damaged.

2. Flash drive – USB stick

A flash drive connects to the computer via the USB port. Once connected, you can copy data from your computer to the stick in a relatively short amount of time. After disconnecting, those files will be present on the USB stick until you delete them.

3. Cloud storage

Once you opt for a cloud storage service, you can upload files using a desktop application or through the company’s website using just your internet connection. You can view, edit, and delete files stored in your cloud account at any time using any computer or mobile device. You can move the files back to your computer whenever you want.

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