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top anti ddos providers
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To know more about Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) please take a look on a previous article posted by team : WHAT IS DISTRIBUTED DENIAL OF SERVICE (DDOS) ?

With an anti-ddos provider or by miting the ddos, you can protect your server. To help, we will provide the top anti-ddos providers, some of them are free to use.

1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare’s cloud-based DDoS protection gadget can address layer 7 attacks in addition to layer 3 and layer four assaults. Instead of the use of dedicated anti-DDoS hardware, every machine in its global community takes element in DDoS mitigation. Its DDoS safety secures web sites, packages, and entire networks while ensuring the overall performance of legitimate visitors isn’t always compromised.
Cloudflare has a FREE PACKAGE which can easily protect your server.
Access Cloudflare:

2. Sucuri

Sucuri it’s a similar service like cloudflare but has only paid packages.
Access Sucuri:”

3. BitNinja

Secure your web servers and customers websites against all kinds of cyber threats with our multi-layered security tool including Anti-Malware, Web Application Firewall, DoS Detection, Real-time IP Reputation, and Log Analysis.
Access Bitninja:

4. Amazon AWS

AWS Shield is a controlled DDoS safety service that safeguards applications running on AWS. It defends towards the most common, frequently taking place network and transport layer assaults that target web sites or applications. It gives continually-on detection and automatic inline mitigations that limit utility downtime and latency.
Access Amazon AWS:

5. Akamai

Akamai offers three motive-constructed cloud answers to provide quit-to-end DDoS protection for companies. The combination of Prolexic, Edge DNS, and App & API Protector might be endorsed for the highest best of DDoS mitigation to preserve packages, information facilities, and internet-going through infrastructure (public or non-public) covered. Effective mitigation strategies are to be had for all instructions of application-layer DDoS/DoS attacks, which includes those designed to exhaust assets, the ones which take advantage of vulnerabilities that can purpose availability problems (inclusive of buffer overflows), the ones which take advantage of flaws in utility commercial enterprise logic, compromise API infrastructure, and assaults completed by bots.
Access Akamai:

6. Imperva

Imperva DDoS Protection can address any type of asset with a 3-second time to mitigation for any type of assault. Onboarding is stated to be easy and rapid, even as the operation is simplified without-of-the container policies and self-adaptive tuning talents. Visibility and reporting are augmented by way of Imperva Attack Analytics. This technique presents a holistic view of all attack types and layers, and correlates these to boost up the research process whilst decreasing alert fatigue. Imperva works across quite a number industries, such as: eCommerce, power, monetary offerings, gaming, healthcare
Access Imperva:

We are using to protect against DDoS,bots,threat traffic etc.

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