Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Tips and Tricks from the Stars
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When it comes to beauty secrets, celebrities have us all beat. They have access to the best products, stylists, and dermatologists that money can buy. But we can still learn a thing or two from them! Here are my favorite celebrity beauty secrets:

Kim Kardashian has one beauty secret that will make you feel like a million bucks.

She told People magazine: “My favorite nail polish is from Essie called ‘Ballet Slippers’. It’s $1.99 and it goes on so well.”

The color is subtle, but still makes a statement–and it’s available at your local drugstore!

Rihanna’s makeup artist reveals how to get her signature cat eye.

Rihanna’s signature cat eye is, perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most copied looks out there. But if you’ve been trying to recreate this look and haven’t quite got it right yet, we’re here to help.

To achieve Rihanna’s look (or any other cat eye for that matter), you’ll need:

  • Eyeliner pencil (preferably a softer one)
  • Shadow brush (one with bristles that are soft enough not to irritate your eyes)
  • Smaller brush for filling in gaps and creating definition around your lashes as needed

Kim Zolciak’s hairstylist reveals the best way to achieve her most coveted look.

“Kim’s hair is always so beautiful,” says Matthew Fugate, who works with the reality star and mom of six on set of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. “She looks great every single time we see her.”

To get Kim’s signature curls, follow these steps:

  • Use a curling iron to create loose waves in your hair at the root and ends (the lower part of your strands).
  • Spray sea salt spray through damp strands for texture and volume; this will also help hold your curl pattern all day long! If you don’t have sea salt spray handy, try using texturizing spray instead–it’ll give similar results without drying out your curls too much (and it smells amazing!). 3) To finish things off, dust some texturizing powder through dry locks for extra texture that won’t make them feel crunchy or sticky after applying product!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite moisturizer is supposedly a celebrity beauty secret.

The product she uses to keep her skin looking young and fresh is called Caudalie Premier Cru, and it’s available at Sephora. This light moisturizer has SPF 30, which protects your face from harmful UV rays. It also contains grape-seed oil and olive-leaf extract, which work together to hydrate dry skin without making it feel greasy or oily during the day!

Gwyneth loves this product because of its lightness–it doesn’t feel heavy on her face like some other facial creams do–and she says that it smells good too!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend can’t live without this pricey skincare product.

This skincare product is great for all skin types and can even help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

“This is my favorite moisturizer,” John Legend told Us Weekly. “It’s really good for sensitive skin.”

It’s called SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic ($120), an antioxidant serum that contains vitamins C and E, ferulic acid (which protects against free radical damage) and hyaluronic acid (which helps hydrate skin). The result: Your complexion will look younger, brighter and plumper–plus it has SPF 30 sunscreen protection built in!

Amy Schumer loves this super affordable drugstore product for her skin-care routine.

It’s affordable and does the job, so it’s easy to find at your local drugstore!

Blake Lively’s hair stylist reveals how she gets those enviable undone waves every single day.

“Blake has such beautiful hair, so it’s really important for me to enhance what she already has,” says hairstylist Michael can be seen on her Instagram account. “I like to keep things simple and easy.”

Like celebrities, we all want to look our best and these tips and tricks can help us achieve that goal!

You might think that celebrity beauty secrets are reserved for the rich and famous, but they’re really not. Celebrities have access to the best products, but you can use the same tips and tricks that celebrities use on a daily basis to look your best!

The best part about celebrity beauty secrets is that they work for everyone–no matter your budget or skin type. Celebrity makeup artists know how important it is for women everywhere to feel confident in their own skin, so they create products that will help anyone achieve gorgeous results.


There are so many different ways to get the look of a celebrity, but we can all agree on one thing: it’s worth it! If you want to feel like a star and look like one too, then try some of these tips and tricks. You won’t regret it.

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