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what smh means?

SMH is a slang acronym meaning “shaking my head”. Its a way to express that youre not impressed with something someone has done or said.

SMH: In Text Talk “Shaking My Head”

SMH is an acronym for shaking my head and is used to express frustration or disappointment. It can also be used to express disbelief, such as when someone tells you something and youre not sure if theyre serious or not.

SMH can be used in text messages and on social media to show that the writer is agreeing with whatever has been said previously in the conversation. For example: Your friend asks if you want to go out tonight, so instead of simply saying “yes” or “no” you could reply with “smh” as a way of saying that while its true they asked if they wanted to go out tonight, they probably shouldnt have asked because now theyre going home alone again.

SMH Meaning

  • Shaking my head is an expression that means, “I cant believe you would do that.”
  • The meaning of shaking your head is similar to the phrases “I dont believe it,” and “thats unbelievable.”
  • The full phrase for this abbreviation is often used in text messages or social media posts. Its commonly used as a way for people who are communicating with each other, but arent in the same place at the same time, to get across their feelings about something they see on television or online.

Example of SMH Usage

You: I think hes been cheating on me.

Me: SMH.

smh means shaking my head

  • A common meaning of SMH is “shaking my head”. This meaning can be found on the internet, in print, and in conversation.
  • SMH is an acronym which stands for “shake my head”. It is sometimes written as just SHM or S/M/H. The origin of this acronym is unknown.
  • Another meaning for smh is “so much hate”, referring to the hatred that someone has for something else that theyre talking about (e.g., people who dont like cats).


So, in short, when you see SMH online or in text messages, it means “shaking my head.” This is a way for people to express their frustration with something that happened or something someone just said.

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