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What are the 5 types of arts?


The 5 types of arts are Performing, Visual, Literary, Culinary and Design.

Performing Arts

Performing arts are the most popular of the five types of arts and include dance, music, theatre and opera. They are also known as “the performing arts” or simply “the arts”. In this context they do not include sports or video games.

These types of art can be enjoyed by anyone with access to them, which is why they are often seen as the most accessible to the public. However, because they are so widespread in their reach and appeal many people find them to be more expensive than other forms of art due to their popularity and accessibility

Visual Arts

Visual art is a general term used to describe any form of visual expression that uses skill and imagination, and can be perceived by the sight. This can include two-dimensional objects such as paintings or photographs, three-dimensional objects like jewelry, sculpture or ceramics, textiles and other materials.

Visual arts are usually divided into categories based on the medium used. For example, painting is categorized as a visual art because it uses paint. Sculpture involves creating three-dimensional works using materials like clay, metal or stone while drawing/painting is done with pencils or brushes on paper/canvas respectively; these all fall under the category of “drawing.” Photography is also considered a visual art because it involves capturing images through a camera lens in order to create an instant image on film (or digital media).

Literary Arts

Literary arts are the written word. These include poetry, plays, and novels—but they can also be found in nonfiction works like essays and biographies. Literature is often associated with high art, but if you’ve ever picked up a romance novel or comic book at the library or bookstore, then you know that literary art can take many forms.

Literary arts are considered high art because they often require time and effort to understand. Unlike visual arts like painting that simply need to be viewed by an audience to work as intended (though some artists may choose to make their work interactive), literary art requires interaction from both creator and audience. It’s this unique relationship between creator and audience that makes literary art different from any other type of creative expression.

Culinary Arts

Culinary arts are the art of cooking and preparing food. Culinary arts, however, are not the same as baking or pastry making. Baking and pastry-making are considered a subset of culinary arts, but not all culinary crafts involve baking or pastry-making (for example, an actor working on a play that does not include a scene in which he or she has to bake cookies for the cast).

Culinary arts encompass many different types of cooking styles ranging from French cuisine to Szechuan style Chinese food. Most culinary artists work in restaurants or hotels where they prepare meals for guests who dine there; some also work at private functions such as weddings and other parties where they prepare meals according to the tastes of the attendees.

Design Arts

This is the art of making objects. It includes interior design and industrial design, but it also includes decorating, which we usually assume falls under decorative arts. Design isn’t just about making things look nice—it’s about making them work better.

The 5 types of arts are Performing, Visual, Literary, Culinary and Design.

The five types of arts are Performing, Visual, Literary, Culinary and

Performing Arts include singing, dancing and acting. This is the most popular form of art with the general public because it is easily accessible for everyone to participate in or watch. Some examples of this type of art are theater performances and concerts by musicians.

Visual Arts are paintings (oil paintings), sculpture (sculptures made out of stone or metal), drawing or photography that can be displayed on a canvas or wall surface for others to see and enjoy. These works can also be preserved in books that talk about history through pictures related to historical events like wars fought between countries at different times in history such as World War II between Germany vs Poland where Hitler invaded Poland by sending armies across borders onto Polish territory without permission from either country’s government representatives who were elected into office by citizens living there; then later on when America got involved along with other countries around Europe who wanted to help after hearing about how many people had been killed during these invasions into their territories which caused mass destruction throughout cities like Warsaw which resulted in thousands more deaths than before due mostly from starvation because there wasn’t enough food left over from all those years spent fighting back against invaders coming into town looking for revenge against survivors who stayed behind after evacuating earlier while others fled outside borders so there wouldn’t be any collateral damage done to civilians trying not only save themselves but also others who might’ve been injured during battle time periods where surgeries were needed urgently but didn’t happen quickly enough because doctors couldn’t reach patients without being attacked first by opposing forces trying desperately not only protect themselves but also loved ones too scared about losing lives if things turned bad quickly once again so we’ll never forget even though there aren’t anymore families left today still need our help now more than ever before!


Arts have been an important part of human life since the beginning of time. They can be used to tell stories and express feelings, which is why they’re so popular today in our modern world. We hope that you now understand the types of arts better by reading this article!

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