How to use snapchat?
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If you’re new to Snapchat, this guide will help you get started with the app. We’ll cover how to download it and add friends on Snapchat, plus some tips for taking photos and adding filters.


  • Download the app from the playstore
  • Add friends
  • Take photos or videos and add filters on Snapchat
  • How to take photos on Snapchat?
  • How to add friends on Snapchat?
  • How to add filters on Snapchat?

install snapchat

  • To download the app, open your device’s application store and search for “snapchat.”
  • Once you’ve found it, tap the install button to begin downloading Snapchat onto your phone or tablet device (if necessary).
  • Once installed, open Snapchat and follow these steps:
  • Sign up by entering your email address and a username of your choice in their respective fields, then tapping “Sign Up for Snapchat.” You can also enter a password if you want; just make sure its something easy for you to remember so that you dont have problems logging back into the app later on!
  • Add friends from within Snapchat by following these steps: Go to their profile page––youll be able to see them on this screen if theyre already following each other; otherwise theyll need mutual followership before one anothers profiles become visible in this way––and tap “Add Friend” at the top right corner of said page; afterwards just add their username as usual!

add friends

When you want to add a friend, there are several ways to do it. The first is by their username. You can find the usernames of people on your friends list by clicking on their name and then pressing the “Add Friends” button that appears at the top of their profile page.

The second way to add someone is by entering your phone number into Snapchat (if you know theirs). Enter it manually or let Snapchat autofill with your contacts phone number if they have already added yours in theirs. You will not be able to send snaps back-and-forth until they accept your request!

how to take photos

To take a photo, tap the circle in the bottom right corner of your screen. Keep your finger pressed on the screen and drag up and down to zoom in or out. Swipe left or right to move where you want to point your camera and then swipe down to take a photo, or up if you want to stop recording video.

add and change filters on Snapchat

  • Open the Snapchat app on your phone
  • Tap the ghost icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, then tap Filters.
  • Tap Filters again so that a row of filters appears across your screen.
  • Tap a filter to use it when you take photos or videos (you can also swipe right to select multiple filters).
  • To take a photo or video with a filter applied, hold down anywhere on your screen for about two seconds until it vibrates once—this means that youre ready to shoot! Youll see three circles appear around your finger: one red circle indicates that someone else has taken a screenshot of what youre shooting; two blue circles indicate that other people have seen this post already; three white circles mean this is going out live as soon as you stop recording it! If you dont want anyone else seeing what was sent out during filming session, hit X at any time before or after pressing Start button located at bottom left corner when viewing thumbnail preview of video clip being recorded at top center portion containing camera viewfinder window showing rectangle shape containing circular motion arrow icon indicating motion detection feature enabled while using front facing camera lens located just above text “Snapchat” written inside orange colored square box enclosing word “Take Photo” written horizontally along opposite side edge pointing upwards towards left hand side corner which corresponds back towards bottom left hand corner where word “Swap Left/Right Handed Orientation” written horizontally along opposite side edge pointing downwards towards right handed orientation rotation direction because orientation settings set to mirroring mode by default when opening camera window using thumb swiping gestures either up/down on touchpad scroll up/down button within browser window displaying webpage content from top-to-bottom or vice versa vertically depending upon which way fingers swipe movement direction used must be done quickly though not too fast otherwise will cause loss focus point resulting blurry images instead need quick flick motions across surfaces so best advice would be practice technique first before trying shot next

you can download the app from the playstore

You can download the app from the Google Play store.

Once youve downloaded Snapchat, open it up and install it on your device. Youll need to create an account using a valid email address, so make sure you have one handy!

Open up Snapchat after installation, sign in with your new account information, and then add friends by searching for their usernames. Once youve added some friends who are also Snapchat users (and who arent just bots), take some photos with their permission or send them snaps through their stories feature!


so now that we have covered the basics of how to use snapchat, it’s time to get started! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will respond as soon as possible.

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