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how to tie a tie?

When it comes to tying a tie, you cant go wrong by following these simple steps.

Slide one end of the wider side under and across the other.

  • Slide the wider end under and across the thinner one.
  • The wider end should be on your right, while the thinner end is on your left.

Insert the remaining piece between the knot and your collar.

When youre finished, your tie should look like this:

  • Your collar should be centered. If its too high or low, your tie will look odd.
  • The knot itself should be tight enough that it wont slip out of place when you shake hands with someone else later on in the day. If a bowtie looks too loose compared to its mate (or vice versa), take them off immediately!

Adjust for perfect symmetry, then tighten.

  • First, adjust for perfect symmetry.
  • Then tighten. You want your tie to be very tight, which means that it needs to be symmetrical and straight in both directions.

Follow these steps to tie a perfect tie.

With these steps in mind, you should be able to tie a perfect tie.

  • Tie should be about 3 inches longer than your jacket
  • Tie should be symmetrical
  • Tie should be tight (but not too tight) and straight (but not too straight)
  • Tie shouldnt look like its been slept on or wrinkled, even if it has been worn before. If you have time before going out for the night when getting dressed up just take a moment to smooth down any wrinkles before tying your collar down with an Ace bandage so that it doesnt show under your shirt collar when wearing formal attire at any occasion! This will help keep everything neat looking which will make all eyes fall on yours instead of focusing on other things such as wrinkles/wrinkles etc…


Now, you know how to tie a perfect tie! It may seem like a simple task, but there are actually many different ways to do it. If you follow these steps, your necktie will be just as elegant and stylish as any other mans.

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