how to divide decimals
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Dividing decimals is an important skill for students to master. However, it can be confusing and frustrating at first. The key to dividing decimals is breaking the problem down into smaller pieces and solving each step individually. We’ll walk through the steps of dividing decimals here so you can get started on your own problems!

How to divide decimals?

Dividing decimals is similar to dividing whole numbers, but with one main difference: the decimal point. Here’s how it works:

  • Divide decimals by other decimals in the same way you’d divide whole numbers. For example, if you want to divide 0.6 by 0.7, first move the decimal point in both numbers over one space (so that they become 6/7 and 7/6). Then multiply those two new numbers together.* Unfortunately for us humans, computers don’t have trouble doing these types of calculations automatically!
  • Dividing by a whole number is also straightforward — just take your decimal and move its decimal point to align with where you would put a zero before multiplying by 10 in order to convert it into a whole number (i.e., moving a decimal over three spaces would be like multiplying by 100).

Divide decimals and whole numbers

>The simplest way is to multiply the whole number by 10 and then divide by the decimal. For example, let’s say you have 2.6 and want to divide it by 9:

  • Multiply 2.6 * 10 = 26 (2 x 1 + 6 = 7)
  • Divide 26 / 9 = 3 with a remainder of 4 (26 / 9 = x4 with a remainder of 4)

Divide decimals by decimals

You can divide decimals by decimals by multiplying the whole number by the decimal, and then dividing the result by the decimal. The result is a decimal.

For example, if we wanted to divide 5.5 by 0.2:

  • Multiply 5 times 10 (remember that 1 divided by 0 is still 1) and then put this number over 2: 50/2 = 25/1 = 25/2 = 12.5
  • Now divide 1250/20 = 625

This means that 5.5 divided by 0.2 is 625

Divide decimals by whole numbers

  • Use the division algorithm to divide decimals by whole numbers. To do this, multiply the divisor by one less than 10; then, add that number to your original number (the dividend). Then, subtract the remainder from your original number and divide it by 10.
  • If you want to use a calculator, simply enter both numbers into the calculator with decimal points at their respective places and press “=” until you get an answer with no remainder (all digits in one place).
  • To find out how many times two numbers can be divided evenly without having any remainder or extra parts left over after division is complete, look at a divisor table or chart online or in a book of multiplication tables if there isn’t one available online already–you may need access codes though so make sure they’re available before hand! As long as there aren’t any other factors involved like taxes affecting this equation too much however then we should be able to solve for X fairly easily now since our only unknown variable here is Y which means we don’t have enough information yet so let’s keep going!”

Divide whole numbers by decimals

If you have a whole number, and you want to divide it by a decimal, here’s how.

  • Divide the whole number by the decimal
  • Multiply that result by 10 (or move the decimal point) so that there are no more than 2 digits after it
  • Add this product (that is, your new whole number) to your remainder

We’re confident that you’ll figure out how to divide decimals after reading this academic article.

Dividing decimals is a bit more complicated than simply moving the decimal point. If you want to divide two numbers with different place values (for example, dividing 2.8 by 7), first convert both numbers into scientific notation and then divide according to how many zeros are in each number’s coefficient.

If you want to divide two whole numbers by one another, just move the decimal point on the number with fewer digits until they have the same number of places after the decimal point (for example, if you wanted to divide 6 by 2). Then continue as normal: 6/2=3


We hope that this article has helped you understand how to divide decimals. In order to divide decimals, you need to know how many times one number goes into another number. Once you know that, it’s easy!

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