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When it comes to beginning your first blog, you have approximately a million alternatives, which might be overwhelming.

You don’t want to be faced with having set up your blog WRONG and suddenly have the real technical nightmare of trying to fix it, move it, or change it!

So let’s get a few things straight first!

How to Blog Tutorial: Why Are You Blogging?

-If you’re blogging to make money online on any topic (and you don’t have to sell anything; you can just earn cash by placing advertising on the side of your page that people may click on), you’ll need two things.

-There is a lot of traffic! (And if you host your blog, you’ll receive much more traffic and rank higher on Google…don’t worry, I’ll show you how to accomplish this fast and easily!)

-ENTIRE CONTROL OF YOUR WEBSITE FROM THE START! You must be able to brand your website, control its design and style, and ADJUST as you develop and learn to add money sources.

How to Easily Create a Blog That Will Help You Grow:

If you are serious about creating your blog, you must have THE most popular type of blog since it will allow you to make the most adjustments and add-ons as you go: WordPress (again, not, but a self-hosted blog!)

WordPress Blog Tutorial in 3 Easy Steps

1. Pick a Domain Name

– Pick something relevant to your niche.
-Research a domain site to see if it’s available.
-You NEED to get a “.com” extension, the others don’t rank well on Google this is all about traffic.

2. Get Hosting

– You need a place to save all of your blog information and deliver it to your readers! Because everything online is kept on “servers,” you’ll need a place to host your site! Here is just one low-cost option I recommend (and YES, you do need to spend money to have a profitable blog!! If you don’t want to, go back to blogging for ideas for friends and family!) – This is the hosting business I use; it’s incredibly affordable and allows me to host an infinite number of websites on a single hosting package! They do some fantastic things, such as automatically backing up your web pages. They provide you with a free domain name when you join up, so simply input the one you choose in the previous step.

3. Setup WordPress on Your Domain!


-Sign in to your Bluehost account, navigate to the “cpanel,” scroll down to software/services, and click on the WordPress icon. It will assist you through the setup procedure.

You now have a WordPress blog, which is fantastic! Now, let’s make a few changes RIGHT NOW so that you can simply modify the appearance and feel of your site and add to it as you expand.

Choose a Template – I like Flexibility 3. It’s a free template that allows me to entirely redesign the site’s appearance and layout if necessary. It also offers headers and footers where you may add adverts, promotions, or gifts for your visitors (or turn them off!).

Download the theme from; the file will be saved in a “zip” folder (do not open it!). Navigate to your Dashboard. On the left, choose “appearance,” then “themes.” On this screen, there are two tabs: “install theme” and “upload.” Simply click the browse button, find the zip folder you downloaded, and push upload! You may now use it as your theme.

-Turn on Flexibility3 in the “Manage Themes” tab, and you’re done!

You will now see “Flexibility3 Theme Options” in the Appearance Section. Go through and make any of the adjustments you want to your website!

How to Blog Tutorial: Get Started!

-Don’t get too caught up in making your site flawless! You must begin blogging on your blog since this is what will propel you forward!

-Always be consistent! If you want to appear in search engines, you should be contributing to your blog at least three times a week at first, and I propose once every day! Once it’s up and running, you may update it once a week.

-Begin constructing connections to your blog and increasing traffic!

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