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How many ounces in a cup?

The standard cup measurement is 8 fluid ounces, but you can also find it in 16-ounce sizes. This article will give you a brief overview of what exactly a cup is and how many oz are in a cup.

1 cup = 8 fluid ounces

1 cup = 8 fluid ounces

We all know that a cup is a measurement of volume. But what does it mean to have half a cup? For example, if youre using a measuring cup and want to add exactly 1/2 cup of water, how many ounces will equal half the total capacity? If youve ever tried to measure out 1/2 pint with an eye-dropper or medicine spoon, youve probably struggled with this question before. The answer is simple: one ounce equals one fluid ounce. So if your container holds 16 fluid ounces (or 0.375 gallons), then each ounce would be 0.25 fl oz (or 2 tablespoons). So when you want to measure out three tablespoons of milk for your coffee or tea, fill up your measuring spoon until its overflowing onto its top rim—this will give you exactly three tablespoons of milk in each 6-ounce mug!


And that’s it! You now know how many ounces are in a cup.

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